About Our Service

For Race Directors…

MyRaceRegistration.com provides premium event/race registration services for your event/race at no cost to you. You will have access to our entire suite of features with no upcharges for additional services. The registration configuration offers a wide variety of options allowing you to collect all of the information you need and customize the content according to your needs (read the full list below).

  • Custom Race Director Page: You will have the option to create your own race director page. This option is great if you do not already have a web presence, or would like a good landing page to promote all of your events.
  • Customized Registration: Each event is configurable with your event logo, rich HTML event description (add graphics, links to helpful documents, etc.), event schedule, and custom confirmation emails.
  • Custom Questions: You will have the option to create a set of customized questions for each registrant (each answer could be a check box, radio button, select box, or text and can be set as optional or required)
  • Discount Codes: You will have the option to configure discount codes as fixed amounts or percentages of the registration fee. Each code can be set with valid usage dates and optionally be configured with a maximum number of uses. Each code can also be valid for a specific race or accross all races within an event.
  • Additional Items: You will have the option to offer additional items with each registration. Each item can be customized with a logo, description, price, and size options.
  • Donations: You will have the option to collect donations for your beneficiaries. Each beneficiary can be customized with a logo and description.
  • Promote Your Event Sponsors: Upload sponsor links and web addresses so that your sponsors get additional exposure during each registration.
  • Team Waiver Enforcement: In the case of relay and team races where typically only one member is present when registering, we offer team waiver signing enforcement which contacts each team member individually to sign the required liability waiver.
  • Self-help Editing: If a registrant makes a mistake on their registration, they have the ability (up to a date which you can define) to make the edit themselves.
  • USA Triathlon (USAT) Licence Integration: Registrants for USAT Sanctioned Events will be able to purchase USAT One-Day Memberships and Annual Memberships during registration and have their licenses issued to them immediately. Further, each registrant's USAT Membership will be validated at the time of registration saving you time in post-event reporting. (A specific USAT License Summary is available in the data download section)
  • Electronic Deposit: Receive regular electronic payments of the funds collected directly to your bank (optionally, you may receive checks if preferred).
  • Staff Organization: Grant or deny varying levels of access to your staff members so that your team can manage your event.
  • Paperless Packet Pick-Up: Use our packet pick-up tool and registration kiosk mode to hold packet pick-up without paper forms.
  • Communication Tool: Use our broadcast email feature to keep your registrants informed with custom, rich HTML emails which can be personalized with their information.
  • Social Media Integration: Registrants will have the option of sharing their registration into your event with all of their followers on Facebook and Twitter. Each share can be customized with your event logo and link to the registration page.
  • Broad Compatibility: Our website is built with the wide variety of today's web-enabled devices in mind which allows the site to scale and adapt to displays ranging from smartphones to large monitors, giving your registrants the freedom to register how and where they wish. We use a mobile-ready, responsive design which has been tested for compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, IE 9+, & Safari running on Windows, Mac/iOS, & Android.
  • Low Fees for Registrants: Our service charges some of the lowest fees in the industry, costing your registrants less, and keeping them happy. Note: there are no fees charged to the race director.
  • Security Assurance: The security of your information is paramount to us. We have our site tested daily and have earned Trust Guard's Security seal and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Certification. As part of this certification, we have shown that sensitive information travels securely to and from our server(s) by encrypting the data with an SSL Security Certificate and that the site passes a daily vulnerability scan. Please review our Security Policy for more information.
  • Data Integrity: The data we collect and store is replicated across multiple datacenters to protect against a single point of failure (or even multiple failures, even one of which is extremely unlikely). Similarly, the files associated with your account (uploaded images and documents, your payout receipts, etc.) are also replicated across multiple datacenters.
  • Cost of Service: There is absolutely no cost to the race director to for any service we currently provide. As a race director, you will receive 100% of the configured registration fees for your races. Our service fee is charged to the registrants at a rate of 4.5% of the total bill + $1.00 per individual or team entry.
  • Refund Policy: We allow you to set your own refund policy for your races and we will strictly adhere to that policy for any refund/cancellation requests that are made directly to us. You will also have the ability to issue refunds via the control panel in accordance with your policy, or at a higher amount if you deem it appropriate. Note: We will only make an exception to this rule if it is very clear that someone has registered twice for the same event, in which case a full refund/cancellation will be granted for the duplicate.
  • Payout Policy: We will collect the proceeds from registrations, donations, additional purchased items, and discounts and distribute them back to you on the 8th and 23rd of each month based on the accumulated totals as of the preceeding 1st and 16th, respectively. The amount paid to you will be 100% of the configured prices (since the registrant is absorbing the service fee) collected during the applicable payment period. Note: $500 will be retained per event to allow for the issuance of refunds if necessary, but this this amount will be returned to you with your final payment after the event closes.

Last Modified December 13, 2014